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Plan, Realise, Operate: our secret is known as the PRO method.

Plan, to design every part of your project, down to the smallest detail. Realise, to rapidly transform any project into something concrete. Operate, to be able to give you the support of the best Cloud Experts around quickly, whenever you may need it.
Need to build a Cloud infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, develop Cloud Native software, or need a fully-managed service with 24/7 assistance? beSharp has a custom solution for you!

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Cloud Architectures

The infrastructure created in your image and likeness.

Need an experienced guide who can move you to the Cloud in the way best suited to your needs? With beSharp, the endless possibilities of the Cloud are designed, developed and tailored to your company, your technical requirements and your business.

For years, we have been designing, creating and managing Cloud infrastructures for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from services to industry, from tiny startups to huge multinationals.

We deal with:

  • Hosting scalable, highly-reliable web applications: host your web and mobile applications on an infrastructure that can be scaled up indefinitely, without unmanageable start-up costs and with the same uptime guarantees of the Silicon Valley giants.


  • Storage, backup and long-term archiving: prepare a strategy for the safekeeping of your data in the various types of Cloud storage, chosen according to the performance, durability and availability you need; you can manage everything in real time, from production data replication to long-term storage, and at very low cost for amounts of data of the order of petabytes.


  • Disaster recovery and business continuity: protect your business with a robust and reliable disaster recovery plan that guarantees you a short recovery time, eliminating the cost of duplicating your infrastructure. Guarantee 100% uptime for your services thanks to geographically-distributed replication that keeps you safe from any breaks in service, even on a global scale.


  • Big Data, analytics and HPC: make the most of all the data that you can collect from your applications by extracting information that’s essential for the growth of your business. It uses high-performance computing clusters to get you the results you need at lightning speed, when you need them, without your having to buy a single screw.


  • Cloud Desktop and VDI: give every one of your users access to their working environment wherever they may be, be it from home or a branch office, and eliminate the problems of management and obsolescence of your computer fleet. With the Cloud Desktop, you can fix the problem of distributing company software in a simple and functional way, only paying for the workstations that are actually used.


  • Hybrid Cloud: respect compliance and performance requirements by managing the integration of Cloud environments and services with your on-premise infrastructure in a hybrid logic.


  • Internet Of Things: develop projects based on smart devices that can collect an unlimited amount of information about your users; process and distribute data quickly through responsive infrastructures that can be scaled according to the number of requests.

What We Do

Datacentre migration

Enterprise application migration

Hybrid Cloud

Scalable web platform hosting

Disaster recovery



Virtual desktops

Cloud Development
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Cloud Consulting
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