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Cloud infrastructures for a rapidly-evolving startup


Satispay is a payment system that is independent of credit cards, a specific bank, and telephone operators, and which is accessible via a mobile application. Satispay was launched in 2013, and now boasts around 50,000 downloads and over 2,000 shops and businesses which have joined the network.With the Satispay app you can make payments and money transfers of any amount quickly and easily, with zero of the commissions usually applied to banking transactions, which can often be hefty.

The situation

Satispay’s infrastructure was housed in a traditional datacentre characterised by extremely rigid paradigms that were ill-suited to the dynamism and speed typical of a startup. Performing new releases and architectural modifications were slow and complex processes that the Satispay team were unable to manage autonomously; every change required work from a technician within the datacentre. In light of this, development times were often greatly prolonged, resulting in increased costs and difficulty achieving the goals they had set out. There was also considerable concern about how a monolithic infrastructure could support an ever-increasing number of users.

Why change?

Satispay needed a new, modular, agile and scalable infrastructure. This way, Satispay technicians would have a greater degree of control, greater management autonomy and more opportunities for customisation, resulting in optimisation of development times and costs.

Why AWS?

By bringing its infrastructure to the AWS Cloud, Satispay has found the perfect environment: a wide and comprehensive range of high-level Cloud services, with enterprise-level performance and features, but startup-level installation costs and complexity.

The solution with beSharp

beSharp designed and built Satispay’s Cloud infrastructure, later dealing with the migration, which was performed “live”, without any downtime for the service. A new deploy method for the code was implemented, based on the combined use of AWS EC2, S3, CodeDeploy, Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Group.In this way, Satispay got an infrastructure that is capable of reacting automatically and quickly to changes in traffic, directly linking infrastructure costs to the number of active customers at any given moment. Furthermore, the new deploy method allowed us to move from monolithic releases to a paradigm of continuous delivery, eliminating all barriers to the team’s innovation and creativity.

“beSharp is a young, super competent team driven by an innate passion for technology. The support they offer us sets them apart from mere suppliers – they’re more like a partner that believes in our projects just as much as we do”.
Dario Brignone – CTO at Satispay

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